How to refill your Ammonia detecting Electrode

16 August 2019

How to refill your Ammonia detecting Electrode

How do I refill my Ammonia Cap?

When using an ammonia detecting electrode caring for your electrode is essential in order to extend your equipment’s lifetime. Your electrode should ideally be emptied of solution after every use and stored dry to prevent degeneration and when the electrode is needed it needs to be refilled again.

  1. Remove the end cap of the electrode. Half fill the cap with a pipette or other tool.
  2. Tap the side of the cap gently to remove any air bubbles that could interrupt conduction.
  3. Screw the cap into the electrode until the pH meter touches the Teflon membrane. The membrane should not tear or stretch more than the minimum. This means that there will be a thin layer of solution between the membrane and probe.
  4. You can then connect the electrode directly to the TRUEscience SMART cap.

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