About Us

About Us

​Whether you’re controlling product quality, testing your site discharge for environmental compliance, checking up on your research in the lab or teaching the next generation of scientists, you can use the TRUEscience system to measure the smart way.

We designed the TRUEscience system to use standard electrodes in conjunction with an Android tablet to provide a simple interface with advanced capabilities. This means anybody can calibrate, measure, log and share data quickly and easily.

Measure pH, dissolved oxygen, selective ions or redox all on the same app, at the same time! Connect multiple SMART caps up to one tablet and view the results simultaneously on the same screen. 

That’s what we mean by making measurement smart.

Making measurements SMART


With our unique re-usable Bluetooth SMART Cap design, TRUEscience have created a meter that helps you to test faster, better and SMARTer – transferring your results directly from probe to tablet. TRUEscience presents a totally new approach to measuring.

Across our team we have years of experience in supporting users of traditional electrochemistry meters. During this time we have seen all the frustrations that people have when using these meters – unclear buttons, difficult interfaces, trouble saving and retrieving results…

We wanted to create a new and unique way of measuring that makes the test quick and simple while still retaining a high level of accuracy – so TRUEscience was born.

Drawing on our years of experience working in the laboratory and water testing industry, we designed the TRUEscience system to combine clever features in a simple interface. 

​The wireless SMART Cap communicates results from the electrode directly to the tablet in real time, via low energy Bluetooth 4.0

Using the simple app you can then take readings, store results, set up timed interval logging, or schedule reminders for particular tests you need to complete.


Up to 6 SMART caps can communicate with one tablet, for easy monitoring of multiple experiments or site points.
Single results or lists of logged results are quickly and easily shared straight from the app by email, dropbox or other sharing services in a broadly compatible .csv file for spreadsheet or LIMS interfaces.


The unique QR buffer system gives full traceability on calibrations. See a full history of who calibrated a probe, when, with which buffers and what the result was instantly.
Get MSDS and Certificates of Analysis on all the reagents used straight from the app, for fast and simple Health and Safety or Quality checks.


The system allows you to replace the electrode with any which has an S7 connector, even from other brands.
​This reduces waste, by letting you replace only the sensor, and lets you choose specialized sensors for difficult tests like food products or biological samples.
The app offers all the functionality of an expensive benchtop meter, but in a clear, simple, familiar format.​