TRUEscience Redox Starter Kit – White SMARTCap

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Connect your SMART Cap and redox electrode in this cap to an Android phone or tablet via bluetooth to get started making measurements. Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP or REDOX Potential) measures an aqueous system’s capacity to either release or accept electrons from chemical reactions. When a system tends to accept electrons, it’s an oxidising system. When it tends to release electrons, it is a reducing system. A system’s reduction potential may change upon introduction of a new species or when the concentration of an existing species changes.

The TRUEscience system allows you to expand measurement capabilities; log change over time, measure remotely or send results via the cloud. For use in a wide range of applications from agriculture, hydrophonics, waste water, swimming pools, food and beverage.

Measuring range(mV): 0-1000mV

Resolution (mV): +/- 0.1mV

Standard recognition: QR code input

Temperature range: 0°C – 80.0°C

mV range: +/- 1000mV

mV accuracy: +/- 0.1mV

Temperature accuracy: +/- 0.5°C

Store values: 10,000 measurements/log

Battery life: 1 year normal use

Battery type: 1/2 AA lithium thionyl chloride, 3.6V, 1200mA

Dimensions of Cap: L218 x W48 x D24 mm including temperature probe

Temperature probe length: 130mm long

Weight: 91.5 g

Operating/storage temperature: 0-55°C

Colour keyed battery covers: Yes

Multiple cap measurements: Yes, up to 6 simultaneously, multiple parameter possible

Interval logging: Yes

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