Testing Dissolved Oxygen in Wine

16 September 2019

Testing Dissolved Oxygen in Wine

Dissolved oxygen in wine can be beneficial to some varieties in small amounts, but otherwise is known for reducing the quality and lifetime of the wine. It is therefore important to be able to measure and control dissolved oxygen throughout the production and bottling stages.

Flint Vineyard measure both pH and dissolved oxygen throughout their wine production in Norfolk, taking measurements with the TRUEscience system. The portable, wireless SMART Cap allows them to move the unit freely around the winery or lab and have the results be transmitted wirelessly via bluetooth. Using the TRUEscience app you can leave the electrode in solution logging results or set it to alert you if the dissolved oxygen or pH readings go above or below a set value. See the below video where Ben from Flint Vineyard explains the requirement for measuring dissolved oxygen in wine production.

If you’re looking to measure parameters such as temperature, pH or dissolved oxygen throughout wine production get in touch with our technical team on or phone +44 (0)1954 233 144 and we can offer you advice and further information.

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